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const char* cbmname ( enum cbm  host  ) 

Detect a Commodore computer

host host type
name of the host

Definition at line 35 of file info.c.

References B128, B256, C128, C264, C64, P500, PET, PET3, PET4, and Vic.

Referenced by main().

  static char unknown[12];
  switch (host) {
  case PET:
    return "PET";
  case PET3:
    return "PET 3000";
  case PET4:
    return "PET 4000/8000";
  case P500:
    return "P500";
  case B128:
    return "B-128/610/710";
  case B256:
    return "B-256/620/720";
  case Vic:
    return "VIC-20";
  case C64:
    return "C64";
  case C128:
    return "C128";
  case C264:
    return "264 series";
  sprintf (unknown, "?%u", host);
  return unknown;

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