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static struct hostinfo* comm_init ( const struct commproto protocol,
const char *  dev,
const struct comm **  comm 
) [static, read]

Initialize the communications of a protocol

protocol the protocol
debug flag: enable debugging
dev name of the communication interface device
comm (output) pointer to the communication primitives
pointer to host information, or NULL on error

detected host information

Definition at line 218 of file commsel.c.

References commproto::comm, commproto::comm_close, comm_close, commproto::comm_init, and commproto::name.

Referenced by establish().

  /** detected host information */
  static struct hostinfo hostinfo;
  int status;
  comm_close = protocol->comm_close;
  status = (*protocol->comm_init) (dev, &hostinfo);
  if (status) {
    fprintf (stderr, "init for '%s' returned %d\n", protocol->name, status);
    return 0;
  if (debug) {
    *comm = &debug_comm;
    currentproto = protocol;
#endif /* COMM_DEBUG */
  *comm = &protocol->comm;
  return &hostinfo;

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